30 March 2019


30 March 2019


30 March 2019


30 March 2019

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Kwa-Thema Fashion Week is the biggest fashion showcase in Ekurhuleni. Models stride seamlessly down the runway, giving fashion designers a platform to shine.

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Don’t miss the biggest fashion showcase in Ekurhuleni

Kwa-Thema Fashion Week is hosting its 10th Season on 30th March 2019 at Kwathema Hall in Kwathema (Springs).

Kwa-Thema Fashion Week Season 10 promises to live up to its stellar reputation; Classic And Elegance is the theme, as part of the theme Kwa-Thema Fashion Week will honour and celebrate the late Karl Lagerfeld’s impact and influence on the Fashion industry as a whole.

Conceptual Designers from Congo, Botswana and from all over South Africa with a unique story to tell, will be showcasing their work at Kwa-Thema Fashion Week’s Season 10.

Season 10 Featured Designers – Do not miss these red hot brands and designers

KAA Apparel

KAA Apparel is the leading apparel brand for kasi modern contemporary women and men’s lifestyle.
KAA Apparel was founded in 2016.

Enhle Butterfly

Enhle Butterfly is a South African brand privately held and owned by Mbalenhle Mazibuko, established in 2018.
Enhle Butterfly is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. We find joy in experimenting with fashion trends, especially those that resonate with our target audience: the woman that wants to be comfortable in her clothing, feel and look good without compromising her style.
Enhle Butterfly reflects beauty, innocence and practicality that help every woman look and feel stylish with its Chic Collection.
While each collection has a unique theme and story to narrate, much emphasis is placed on quality of the fabric and keeping in line with the latest trends.

Patie.M Apparel

Patie.M Apparel is an urban clothing brand with elegant sexy clothing for the modern female.
Established in late 2016 Patie.M Apparel began as a ready to wear female brand for the first year and slowly began to expand to other types of outfits including swimwear and lingerie which has been a good market so far.
Since I started the brand it has so far attended over 6 fashion shows embracing stages like The Fashion Kapitol and an article in Lunique magazine.
Patie.M is a feminist brand which aims at promoting self awareness and eliminate negative body image, this proven in our sexy swimwear that markets to women of all sizes.
I believe it is a women’s right to represent and be proud of her body and our classic range of dresses will just be the cherry on top.
My latest range of lingerie and swimsuits have been shown all around Gauteng and account for our biggest sales by far.
The design concept is central to my work as a designer. I aim to translate the essence of the design concept into fashion through innovative use of textile and form. I characterise my work through sensitivity and originality in the use of texture. I believe in creating inventive garments that are also wearable.

Collette’s Closet

Collettes Closet is a fashion label brand that’s all about colour, heritage and embracing oes roots.
It plays around with African print while also creating clothes with a modern taste.
It caters for fashion forward men and women from all walks of life that love to look good and yet different from everyone.
Colettes Closet is a brand that celebrates our distinct cultures and it boldly says I AM AFRICAN.